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Run for Tash

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Odd Down Cycle Track


Half marathon

9:30 to 10:00

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Natasha Lewis, or Tash, was a dearly loved and hugely inspiring daughter, fiancee, friend, competitor and personal trainer.

Tom Shenton

The Natasha Lewis Foundation will be officially launched on 5th September with a tribute half marathon race to coincide with what would have been the Bath Half Marathon, a race that Natasha had commited to running in 2021.

Since the Bath event has had to be postponed to 2022 the Foundation will be organising its own half marathon at Odd Down Cycle Track. NLF Founder and Tash’s fiance’, Dave Bowler has made a commitment to Tash that he will run every event she had entered in 2021 and the Bath Half was on the list as a stepping stone to the London Marathon in October.

This will be a small event limited to 400 runners, to share memories and look forward to what can be achieved in the future.  After registration and before the start Dave will officially launch the Natasha Lewis Foundation followed by a brief warm up and a phased start. Weather permitting it would be great to have a mass picnic after the race so keep an eye on the forecast and plan accordingly!

A half marathon is 14 laps of the tarmac cycle track and runners will set off from 11am onwards in waves of about 30 to ensure a smooth start. Timing and race management will be provided by Race Director.

We welcome as many supporters as you can persuade to come along but please note that only runners will have access to the track area. Supporters can surround the track so there is plenty of space from which to get a good close up view and provide some much needed encouragement.

In order to be as environmentally conscious as possible we ask participants to provide their own water bottle and to take home anything, including rubbish, that they bring with them. Refills of water bottles will be available.

Parking at the venue is limited to organiser and emergency vehicles only so please arrive at the track on foot.

NLF Partners //

NLF would like to thank the following contributors and supporters:

The way that everyone we have turned to has responded makes me so proud.  It’s a reflection of the love for Tash and everyone’s commitment to her.